I am using Facebook Graph API to upload a video to the Facebook page. The document I am following is from https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/page/videos/.

The video is posted but it returns the video id. I need the post id to handle the comment data from that post.

When a user leaves a comment on that video, Facebook fires the webhook which contains the Facebook post_id.

Is it possible to retrieve that post_id when uploading the video and how?

Or is there a different method to create a post with a video?

I am using a facebook-php-sdk for posting the video currently,

    $response = $facebook->post('/'.$fb_page_id.'/videos', array(
            'file_url'  => $media,
        ), $access_token);

This returns the video id.

Even when using source parameter as mentioned in example in the document it will only return video id.

So is there a different method to upload a post with a video on Facebook using Graph API? Should we first upload the video and use that video id as an attachment on a Facebook post?

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