I have scala class that accepts one argument that is Pyspark List.

It works with ArrayList but it does not with Sequence.

My code is:

class HelloWorld(x: Seq[String]) {
    val elo = x

In Pyspark I do: elo = sc._jvm.HelloWorld(["A", "B"]).someMethod()

The error i get is

py4j.Py4JException: Constructor com.matching.HelloWorld([class java.util.ArrayList]) does not exist

So, I do in Scala import java.util.ArrayList and it works but I want to avoid Scala type: Sequence and avoid Java imports.

EDIT: I see this: https://www.py4j.org/advanced_topics.html

I know Pyspark uses Py4J to allow use Python wrappers around Java so it can use JVM...but I would expect Scala collections to be able to use ...

So, I can not use Scala Sequence?


import scala.collection.JavaConversions._;

x.toSeq solves the problem.

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