If I have

(def a "((a,"a1",0.533,0.122,0.608,0.258) 

I would like to have

(def b '((a,"a1",0.533,0.122,0.608,0.258) 

where I can access each element in b with

(first b) ; which should return (a,"a1",0.533,0.122,0.608,0.258) 


(type (first (first b)) ; returns clojure.lang.Symbol
(type (second (first b)) ; returns java.lang.String
(type (last (first b)) ; returns java.lang.Double

I tried just putting (symbol a) but that seems to turn the entire string into a single symbol.


what you need is clojure.edn/read-string:

user> (clojure.edn/read-string
       "((a,\"a1\",0.533,0.122,0.608,0.258) (c,\"c1\",0.863,0.031,0.998,0.667)(b,\"b1\",0.53,0.117,0.609,0.256))")

;;=> ((a "a1" 0.533 0.122 0.608 0.258)
;;    (c "c1" 0.863 0.031 0.998 0.667)
;;    (b "b1" 0.53 0.117 0.609 0.256))

user> (def b (clojure.edn/read-string
               "((a,\"a1\",0.533,0.122,0.608,0.258) (c,\"c1\",0.863,0.031,0.998,0.667) (b,\"b1\",0.53,0.117,0.609,0.256))"))

user> (first b)
;;=> (a "a1" 0.533 0.122 0.608 0.258)

user> (type (first (first b)))
;;=> clojure.lang.Symbol

user> (type (last (first b)))
;;=> java.lang.Double

user> (type (second (first b)))
;;=> java.lang.String
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  • Thanks, that's exactly what I needed! – user3710760 May 22 at 3:18

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