I want to intercept an 'onclick' function from an HTML page loaded into my WebView.

<div class='button' onclick="location.href='http://do_something';">
  Click Here

this is the click event on HTML page that I'm interested, but unfortunately my WebClient's 'shouldOverrideUrlLoading()' method not at all triggered for this click.

When I change the above HTML button like this(below) its work fine.

<a href="http://do_something">Click Here</a>

But I really don't want to make any changes to HTML. Any idea to handle this click event without modifying the HTML contents?

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Since the onclick attribute executes JavaScript (location.href), you need to enable JavaScript in your WebView:

val myWebView: WebView = findViewById(R.id.webview)
myWebView.settings.javaScriptEnabled = true

Note that this should be used carefully as it can introduce XSS vulnerabilities into your application.

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