I'm trying add a paypal payment method to my online app store by using the generator-jhipster-paypal sub-generator. But when I type the command yo jhipster-paypal its giving me the error below :

INFO! The JDL is being parsed.

Error while parsing applications and entities from the JDL Error: Can't add invalid relationship. Error: In the Many-to-One relationship from PaypalCompletedPayments to User, only unidirectionality is supported, you should either create a bidirectional One-to-Many relationship or remove the injected field in the destination entity instead.

*at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at fillAssociations (home/myProjects/ecom/app/node_modules/jhipster-core/lib/parsers/document_parser.js:198:20)
at Object.parseFromConfigurationObject (/home/myProjects/ecom/app/node_modules/jhipster-core/lib/parsers/document_parser.js:67:3)
at getJDLObject (/home/myProjects/ecom/app/node_modules/jhipster-core/lib/jdl/jdl_importer.js:123:25)
at Object.import (/home/myProjects/ecom/app/node_modules/jhipster-core/lib/jdl/jdl_importer.js:89:25)
at JDLProcessor.importJDL (/home/myProjects/ecom/app/node_modules/generator-jhipster/cli/import-jdl.js:70:41)
at JDLProcessor.importJDL (/home/myProjects/ecom/app/node_modules/generator-jhipster/cli/import-jdl.js:308:38)
at module.exports (/home/myProjects/ecom/app/node_modules/generator-jhipster/cli/import-jdl.js:478:21)

Error: entity import fail*

I'm using jhipster 6.7.1 and jhipster-paypal 1.0.5 I' have also tried jhipster-paypal 1.0.4 it-s the same problem.

The User entity is the one which is generated by jhipster and it's not modified.

Any help will be helpful for me.

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