I have method which cast array to object by using

$class = get_class($object);
$methodList = get_class_methods($class);

But now I need had information about expected type of variable too. For example from this method:

public function setFoo(int $foo)

I need get int too. There is any option to get it?

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You can use Reflection. Specifically ReflectionParameter::getType().

function someFunction(int $param, $param2) {}

$reflectionFunc = new ReflectionFunction('someFunction');
$reflectionParams = $reflectionFunc->getParameters();
$reflectionType1 = $reflectionParams[0]->getType();
$reflectionType2 = $reflectionParams[1]->getType();

assert($reflectionType1 instanceof ReflectionNamedType);
echo $reflectionType1->getName(), PHP_EOL;

The above example will output:

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