Is it possible to achieve multi vendors/sellers marketplace within a single site using Kentico e-commerce? I have to develop multiple stores site and each store site have multiple vendors or say sellers come together to sell their products. Each vendor/seller has its own products and permission to create a large variety of products, configure the product. Customer can choose multiple products from one seller or multiple sellers to shopping cart.

  • StoreA.com ( 40+ seller/vendor )

    • SellerA1
    • SellerA2
    • SellerA3
  • StoreB.com ( 30+ seller/vendor )

    • SellerB1
    • SellerB2
    • SellerB3
  • StoreC.com ( 15+ seller/vendor )

    • SellerC1
    • SellerC2
    • SellerC3

The multistore site can be achieved in Kentico by using the multisite multi-store solutions ( multiple site domain with multiple licenses). But I'm not sure how to achieve multiple vendors/sellers under each site.

Should I choose Kentico or any other e-commerce solutions? Is it achievable using kentico custom module?

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