I am using Alfresco Enterprise 6.2. Similar to the live search, I am creating a search Action for folders that I have in document library.

I have updated the custom-actions.js as follows:

onActionSearch: function dla_onActionSearch(record){
        window.open(Alfresco.constants.PAGECONTEXT +'dp/ws/faceted-search?', "_self");       

I have also added folder scope in faceted-search.get.js as below. I have hardcoded the value folder1 just to test if it works:

  name: "alfresco/menus/AlfCheckableMenuItem",
  config: {
    label: "folder",
    value: "folder1",
    group: "SEARCHLIST_SCOPE",
    checked: false,
    hashName: "scope",
    publishPayload: {
     label: "folder",
     value: "folder1"

However it dos not consider the folder scope when performing the search. Instead, it consider 'folder1' as a site. How can I correctly perform a search within folder scope?


Please check below widget,It is considering scope as a siteId always.


  • Is extending AlfSearchList just enough or do I have to extend SearchService.js as well? Also, can I please know what's the best way to extend them? – SkyBlue Jun 1 '20 at 7:54
  • You need to override SearchService.js and need to add logic of folder. – Sanjay Jun 2 '20 at 6:41

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