I have a website that uses Auth0 with a Google auth provider. I'm thinking about adding Facebook as well. However, I'm a bit hesitant, seeing that Facebook often disables accounts without warning (happened to me, and to friends). (I think it's because I use ProtonMail, but thats beside the question).

I wonder what happens if Facebook decides to disable my account (again), which has the API keys on it? If this would happen, could I switch to a new set of API keys from a new account?

What would happen to the users that use Facebook to login, in the meantime, and when the account is re-instated / new API keys are available? I'm afraid they won't be able to login, correct?

  • You will get a different app-scoped user id when your users try to login again, after you changed the app id - so you most likely won’t be able to “recognize” them any more, your system will likely treat them like new users. – CBroe May 25 at 7:13

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