Help me create webpage clickable button that when we click it facebook customer chat button pop up.. here a video I found from a web page button do that https://flic.kr/p/2j3BAKC maybe they use js app or JS custom code. can u help us create one like thatimage shows how it works

here is the jS app code I found, but I m not able to make it work

!function(t){var e={};function r(n){if(e[n])return e[n].exports;var o=e[n]={i:n,l:!1,exports:{}};return t[n].call(o.exports,o,o.exports,r),o.l=!0,o.exports}r.m=t,r.c=e,r.d=function(t,e,n){r.o(t,e)||Object.defineProperty(t,e,{enumerable:!0,get:n})},r.r=function(t){"undefined"!=typeof Symbol&&Symbol.toStringTag&&Object.defineProperty(t,Symbol.toStringTag,{value:"Module"}),Object.defineProperty(t,"__esModule",{value:!0})},r.t=function(t,e){if(1&e&&(t=r(t)),8&e)return t;if(4&e&&"object"==typeof t&&t&&t.__esModule)return t;var n=Object.create(null);if(r.r(n),Object.defineProperty(n,"default",{enumerable:!0,value:t}),2&e&&"string"!=typeof t)for(var o in t)r.d(n,o,function(e){return t[e]}.bind(null,o));return n},r.n=function(t){var e=t&&t.__esModule?function(){return t.default}:function(){return t};return r.d(e,"a",e),e},r.o=function(t,e){return Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.call(t,e)},r.p="/",r(r.s=0)}({0:function(t,e,r){r("kOmT"),t.exports=r("sQfG")},kOmT:function(t,e){function r(t,e){(null==e||e>t.length)&&(e=t.length);for(var r=0,n=new Array(e);r<e;r++)n[r]=t[r];return n}var n,o=document.querySelectorAll(".mb-js-chat-button");(n=o,function(t){if(Array.isArray(t))return r(t)}(n)||function(t){if("undefined"!=typeof Symbol&&Symbol.iterator in Object(t))return Array.from(t)}(n)||function(t,e){if(t){if("string"==typeof t)return r(t,e);var n=Object.prototype.toString.call(t).slice(8,-1);return"Object"===n&&t.constructor&&(n=t.constructor.name),"Map"===n||"Set"===n?Array.from(n):"Arguments"===n||/^(?:Ui|I)nt(?:8|16|32)(?:Clamped)?Array$/.test(n)?r(t,e):void 0}}(n)||function(){throw new TypeError("Invalid attempt to spread non-iterable instance.\nIn order to be iterable, non-array objects must have a [Symbol.iterator]() method.")}()).forEach((function(t){t.addEventListener("click",(function(){FB.CustomerChat.show({shouldShowDialog:!0})}))}))},sQfG:function(t,e){}});
//# sourceMappingURL=app.js.map

If any of you know how to connect it to a clickable HTML button let give your expertise..

  • According to our guidelines: how to ask a good question?, In this community we ask for help only after researching and trying for ourselves. Consider researching this topic by yourself first rather asking for someone else to do so. Thanks! – EnriqueBet May 22 at 16:03
  • i already did.. but did not found any solution.. how to ask this question – Online Counsel May 23 at 21:45
  • What have you tried? in your post, there is no description and code of what have you attempted by yourself! You are asking for someone to do your work instead. – EnriqueBet May 23 at 21:51
  • ok i will add the JS app code i found.. but i was able to make it successful connection... i see you are Python developer if you understand it pls answer..helping people will bring u blessing nothing wrong with it... – Online Counsel May 24 at 23:28