im trying to run my docker-compose and I keep getting this error whenever running docker-compose up This is my dockerfile:

FROM python:3.7
ADD . /todo
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

My docker-compose:

  build: .
  command: python2 -u app.py
    - "5000:5000"
      # - .:/todo
    - db
  image: mongo:3.0.2

any help would be greatly appreciated I've been stuck on this for a while!

  • try changing python2 to python in the command – Shubham Tanwar May 22 '20 at 16:51
  • You're using one of the python3 docker images but the web service command is trying to execute python2. Which doesn't exist in that image. Nor should you try to use it (deprecated). – edd May 22 '20 at 17:25
  • python2 is available in the python:3.7 image: docker run -ti --rm python:3.7 python2 --version => Python 2.7.16 – jmaitrehenry May 22 '20 at 17:58
  • Are you using a windows or a linux container? – jmaitrehenry May 22 '20 at 18:02
  • I've tried changing python2 to python but it comes up with the same error except its just python. I also tried changing the command to python3 and keeping the Dockerfile to python3 but I still get the same errno2 that there is no such file or directory. I am also using a linux container – PatTheTrickster May 22 '20 at 18:03

I figured out the problem.
Make sure that you dump your containers and images before running docker-compose up and the error should go away.

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