When you right click on a .inf file you have an option to "Install". I want to install a .inf file from the command line using a batch file. What is the "right" way to do this?


[edit] I should clarify that I am trying to run this on Windows XP (and not Vista). Though I appriciate (and up-voted) the below answer mentioning InfDefaultInstall.exe, I believe that program was not shipped with XP.

  • I've added a note on XP. But still, the location where Windows looks for the command to execute didn't change since then :) – Joey Mar 6 '09 at 17:36
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You can find the command when looking at the HKCR\inffile\shell\Install\command registry key. On Windows XP this is

%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %1

on Windows Vista and later this would be

%SystemRoot%\System32\InfDefaultInstall.exe "%1"

To use the batch file across several Windows versions you would need some trickery. You could use reg.exe to query for the key and try parsing the output (I didn't find a quick way of getting only the value from reg). If you know what platforms you're running on you could also hard-code the command lines and switch according to the Windows version (which would need another hack to find that out. %OS% doesn't tell you more than "Windows NT", unfortunately.).

  • Does this still apply for windows 7? – Dogmatixed Dec 14 '11 at 14:51
  • 1
    Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Classes\inffile\shell\Install\command indicates yes. – Joey Dec 14 '11 at 16:07
rem tested/works

ver | findstr /il "Version 6." > nul 
if %ERRORLEVEL%==0 goto :vista

start/wait rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 4 %_%
goto :eof
%SystemRoot%\System32\InfDefaultInstall.exe "%_%"


Should works on any Windows system that has IE 4.0+:

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection <file.inf>,DefaultInstall

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