I am trying to develop a python code that reconstructs 3D geometric primitives from point cloud. I am starting with cylinders. I should process by slicing. So now I have a set of 2D cross-sections. I have fitted circles to the extracted contours. But I don't konw how to fit a cylinder that passes through the cicles I have. Could anyone help me please. PS: I'm a beginner on Python thx enter image description here

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  • Are you restricted in the direction of your slicing? If not, slice along the long cylinder axis to get a rectangle from which you can extract the start and end points of the cylinder. – jeremy_rutman May 22 at 20:50
  • thx for your reply. Yes, in fact, I am restricted in the direction but I can extract the heigh of my cylinder. – Asma Mansoura May 23 at 11:28
  • you can determine one endpoint by slicing until you see no more circle, then you know you are past the end. Using divide-and-conquer you could determine the endpoint to a accuracy of 1/2^N using N cross sections. Now with the height, endpoint, radius of circles and axis position you know everything there is to know about the cylinder. – jeremy_rutman May 23 at 12:57
  • could you explain more about how to find the endpoint ? and how to find the axis position also . thx alot – Asma Mansoura May 23 at 13:47
  • you can keep moving the position of your slice until at some point the slice does not slice thru the cylinder; then you know you are past the end of the cylinder. If you then move back in the other direction until you hit the cylinder again you can find the approximate location of the end of the cylinder. – jeremy_rutman 2 days ago

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