how do I make only certain roles use this command?

  if (!message.member.hasPermission()) return;
  if (mention == null) return;
  if (message.guild.member(mention).hasPermission()) return;
  let reason = message.content.slice (prefix.lenght + mention.toString().lenght + 5);
  message.cannel.send (mention.username + );
  mention.sendMessage ().then (d_msg => {
  • A little typo at the let reason part. prefix.lenght should be prefix.length – Pepe_Worm May 22 at 21:10

You can use the GuildMember's roles to check if they have the role

Using the role's name

if (!message.member.roles.some(role => role.name === 'Role Name')) return

Or using the role's ID

if (!message.member.roles.some(role => role.id === 'Role_ID')) return
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