im using vuejs with laravel .. what i want is to access custom attribute called price like this ..

<select name='unit[]' required @change='change_unit($event)'>
    <option v-for='(unit) in line.units' price='66'  :value='unit.get_unit_id.id'>@{{unit['get_unit_id']['name']}}</option>

and this is the vuejs code

    let get_val = event.target.selectedOptions[0].getAttribute("price");
    console.log("Value from the Attribute: ", get_val)

like this everything working so good .. but my problem is when i want to set the price based one the v-for like this ..

<option v-for='(unit) in line.units' price='unit.price' >

in console i gat text 'unit.price' not the real number come from v-for in the loop .. so how can i set the attribute price based on unit.price.. thanks ..

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You need to bind price attribute. binding attribute

<option v-for='(unit) in line.units' :price='unit.price'>
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