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Scorestr not passing to php variables only $qfName is being saved in query. I am new to both php and unity. maybe explained or simple answers would be appreciated. :)

public GameObject gamectrl;

    public void CallRegister()
    IEnumerator Register()
        List<IMultipartFormSection> wwwForm = new List<IMultipartFormSection>();

        int var = gamectrl.GetComponent<GameController>().Score;
        string scorestr  = var.ToString();

        wwwForm.Add(new MultipartFormDataSection("score", scorestr));
        UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.Post("http://localhost/testphp/HighScore.php", wwwForm);
        yield return www.SendWebRequest();


php code

include 'connectivity.php'; 

$_POST["score"] = 1;

$unityscore =  $_POST["score"] ;

$qfName = 'queryrunning';
$insertscorequery  = "INSERT INTO highscore (FirstName, HighScore ) VALUES ('$qfName' , '$unityscore' )";

  • Why is the first thing you do in PHP overwrite the value of $_POST["score"] = 1; ? Also note that this PHP is wide open for SQL Injection Rather use a prepared statement – derHugo May 23 at 10:48
  • If i ignore that and write $unityscore = $_POST["score"] ; direcy. lt will show an undefined index error msg – Fahad Nadeem May 23 at 11:17
  • Can you try this? – derHugo May 23 at 11:26
  • I tried it ! but I think that $_POST["score"] = 1; maybe interfering. I saw a lot of codes they all are working without this line. Why am I the only one getting this error ? – Fahad Nadeem May 25 at 0:42
  • I am sorry I am stupid AF. Please dont mind me. – Fahad Nadeem May 25 at 0:44

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