I have a class

TMonitors = class(System.Generics.Collections.TList<TMonitor>)

I populate it with TMonitor objects. When I call TMonitors.Clear I want to free those objects, so naturally I want to override the Clear method. However, Clear is not virtual. Instead is declared as "inline" so I get a "Cannot override a non-virtual method" from the compiler.

My question is actually why is Clear not virtual (or dynamic) as in the "normal" TList? What is the correct approach to "override" it in this case?


The correct approach is to use a different structure. TList inlines Clear, presumably for performance, and this precludes it being virtual. TObjectList is provided, however, for cases where you require the list to take responsibility for object lifetime, so use that instead.

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  • +1 and accepted. But what if in the list I have not objects but pointers to records for which I need to de-allocate the memory with Dispose? – Migrate2Lazarus see my profile May 23 at 12:05
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    Good question in that comment, but not the one you asked here. We could answer it if you asked it. – David Heffernan May 23 at 13:41
  • @Migrate2Lazarusseemyprofile Agreed, that's a completely separate question. My first temptation would be to seriously reconsider such a tedious design. – J... May 23 at 14:03

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