I can't search 2 or more words but, when I search for a single word, everything is fine:

Follow my search query:

    $search = $_POST['search-title'];
    $all_posts_query = "SELECT *, MATCH(title, tags, post_data) AGAINST('$search') AS score
    FROM posts 
    WHERE MATCH(title, tags, post_data) AGAINST('$search')
    ORDER BY score DESC";
    $all_posts_run = mysqli_query($con, $all_posts_query);
    $all_posts = mysqli_num_rows($all_posts_run);
    $total_pages = ceil($all_posts / $number_of_posts);
    $posts_start_from = ($page_id - 1) * $number_of_posts;

When I type 'Best' (one word) it shows articles related to best but when i type 'Best food' (2 or more or even title of article) I get 0 results. And I'm new to php and mysql, so can someone change this into parameterized prepared statement to avoid sql injections if its not a lot of trouble?

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