I want to post csv data which is wordpress _post data to contentful content.

this is model at contentful.

enter image description here

maybe this is SDK api which can provide function of posting.


but don't know how to use it.

please help me.

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    It's hard to understand what you're trying to do. Are you trying to import CSV into Contentful? How does it relate to Gatsby (question tag)? What did you try? – Robin Métral May 23 at 13:26
  • thank you for relpy! I use gatsby + contentful to build my site. I used wordpress before. I have about 100 articles and want to upload that to contentful. – KATUO May 23 at 13:33

Contentful import and export tools are command line libraries that consume Contentufl Management API, this is the API in charge up writes to a Contentful space.

Remembering Contentful concepts, in order to have data stored in entries, you need to have a Content Model which defines schema.

So with Contentful export/import you can batch dump or migrate Content Model, Entries or Assets.

As you're mentioning that you come from a Wordpress site, I may recommend taking a look at this migration guide.

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