I'm trying to read this archive in a .gsl format which is described here: http://sharnoth.com/psodevwiki/dreamcast/gsl

The format contains a file table from which it seems I can properly read a filename, offset, and length for every file in the archive.

However, in the loop at the end, when I call fp.seek(file['offset']) and fp.read(file['length]) to extract the individual files to bytes I get an empty byte string. Am I calling seek() and read() correctly?

EDIT: Figured it out. This variation of gsl (gamecube) is Big Endian vs the one in the link (dreamcast) is little endian. Changing the format string in struct.unpack() from '32sII' to '>32sII' fixed the problem.

import os
import struct

# parse gsl archive
# adapted from PSO Developers Wiki

def gsl_parse(filename):

    if not os.path.exists(filename):
        return None

    with open(filename, 'rb') as fp:

        fp.seek(0, os.SEEK_END)
        size = fp.tell()

        files = []
        while fp.tell() < size:
            data = fp.read(0x28)
            s = struct.unpack('32sII', data)

            name   = s[0].decode('ascii').rstrip(' \t\r\n\0')
            offset = s[1] * 2048
            length = s[2]

            if offset < size:
                size = offset

            if len(name) == 0:

            file_dict = {'filename': name, 'offset': offset, 'length': length}

        gsl = []
        for file in files:

            chunk = fp.read(file['length'])
            print(hex(fp.tell()), file['filename'], file['length'])
            print(chunk, len(chunk))

            # gsl.append({'filename': file['filename'], 'bytes': chunk})

        return gsl

gsl = gsl_parse('gsl_acave01.gsl')


0x3000000000 map_cave_e_u.bin 2082275328
b'' 0
0x5000000000 map_cave_f_u.bin 2031616
b'' 0
0x7000000000 map_cave_g_u.bin 606011392
b'' 0
0x9000000000 map_cave_j_u.bin 1411317760
b'' 0
0xb000000000 map_cave_s_u.bin 270336000
b'' 0
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