I have this code that brings all the analysis documents of a client, but if the client has 1000 lines he loads the 1000 in one page. I wanted to divide it into numbers of 20 lines at a time.

How do I delimit the first view showing only 20 lines and after clicking "load more" load 20 more and so on until all lines are loaded?

  const [downloading, setDownloading] = useState(false);
  const [downloadID, setDownloadID] = useState(0);

  return items.length === 0 ? null : (
    <div className="table-responsive">
      <table className="table">
          {items.map((a) => {
            const sequential = `${a.sequential}`.padStart(7, "0");

            return (
              <tr key={a.id}>
                <th scope="row">
                  <h6 className="list-title">ID da análise</h6>
                  <h6 className="list-title">Nome do equipamento</h6>
                  <h6 className="list-title">Setor localizado</h6>
                  <h6 className="list-title">Data de criação</h6>
                <th className="no-wrap no-width">
                  <h6 className="list-title">Ações</h6>
                    title="Relatório da Análise"
                    icon="fas fa-file-pdf"
                    customClassName="btn-primary btn-sm mb-0 mt-0"
                    loading={downloading && a.id === downloadID}
                    onClick={() =>
                    Baixar Relatório em PDF

First thing to do is split the items array into to multiples arrays with 20 items max, for that you can use chunk lodash helper (https://lodash.com/docs/4.17.15#chunk),as follows:

lodash.chunk(items, 20)

This helper will return and array of arrays, then you need to create a separate array to display the elements and keep moving the element from one array to other every time you click "Load more" button.

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