I'm experimenting with different ways to use and test React hooks. One approach I'm considering is how can I mock a general purpose hook that wraps another hook? This should be relatively simple since the wrapper hook is leveraging a callback hook/function. For instance,

// customhooks.js
const useWrapperHook = (hook, params) => hook(params)

// my component.js
import {useAnotherHook) from "thirdParyHook"

const MyComponent = props => {


  return (/* ... */)


I want to be able to mock useWrapperHook and stub a response in Jest. For instance, the code above would allow the test to substitute anotherHook for a stub:

const stubbedHookResponseObject = {id: 1}
const stubbedWrappedHook = () => stubbedHookResponseObject

// ... ??? How to mock useWrapperHook and use `stubbedWrappedHook` in `MyComponent` instead of `useAnotherHook`

const rendered = shallow<MyComponent />

I've tried all the following and nothing seems to work ... useAnotherHook is stilled called when the test is triggered:

// jest.mock(useHookWrapper) // Doesn't work

// jest.mock('./../customhooks', () => ({
//     __esModule: true,
//     useHookWrapper: jest.fn(stubbedWrappedHook)
// })) // Doesn't work

// const utils = jest.genMockFromModule('./../customhooks'); // Desperate attempt and doesn't work

I can certainly stub useAnotherHook but I didn't want to test at this level; I just want to stub the input going into useWrapperHook and stub the response. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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