Reading Query Apollo query throw invariation erorr

I'm trying to read some cached information out of Apollo, but seem to be getting hit with the following error:

Invariant Violation: Can't find field Posts({"id":"5eb2db3b99cacd7be0e65541","startingDate":"2020-05-01"}) on object undefined. My query looks like this:

query Post($id: ID!, $startingDate: String!) {
  Post(id: $id, startingDate: $startingDate) {
    author {

I can also see that object exists in the cache too

enter image description here

The query line of code I'm calling results in the error is const foo = this.props.apolloClient.readQuery({query: postQuery, variables: {id: '5eb2db3b99cacd7be0e65541', startingDate: "2020-05-01"}});. Also I've gone over the docs here: https://www.apollographql.com/docs/react/v2.4/advanced/caching/#readquery. Thoughts on what is missing here?

Also have come across the following Github issues:

None of which clearly answer the issue that I'm facing.

My component set up is as followed:

 * @flow

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import { graphql } from 'react-apollo';

// Queries
import postQuery from './queries/post-query.gql';
import withApollo from 'components/with-apollo';

class PostWidget extends Component {
  render() {
    const { data } = this.props;
    const foo = this.props.apolloClient.readQuery({query: postQuery, variables: {id: '5eb2db3b99cacd7be0e65541', startingDate: "2020-05-01"}});
    // ^^ error is thrown at this point.
    // expectation is if I console.log(foo) it returns the cached object
    return (
        <div>Stripped Content</div>

class PostWithDates extends Component {
  state = {
    monthlyQueryDate: new Date(),

  render() {
    const { targetId, targetType } = this.props;
    const Component = graphql(postQuery, {
      options: ({ targetId }) => ({
        variables: { id: targetId, startingDate: this.state.monthlyQueryDate },
        fetchPolicy: 'cache-and-network'
    return <Component

export default withApollo(PostWithDates);

function createApolloClient() {
  const hostUrl = Reactor.evaluate(Sessions.getters.hostUrl) || '';

  return new ApolloClient({
    uri: `${Config.api.host}/graphql`,
    credentials: 'same-origin',
    headers: {
      'Accept': 'application/json',
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      'Parent-URL': hostUrl

const withApollo = (WrappedComponent: ClassComponent<*, *, *>) => (props: Object) => (
  <ApolloProvider client={createApolloClient()}>
    <WrappedComponent {...props} client={createApolloClient() } />

export default withApollo;

So it seems that the reason why I'm running into this issue is because I'm not calling client.query({query: postQuery, variables: {id: "5ec947a999cacdd4b52f56b4", startingDate: "2020-06-01"}}). Calling this and then reading the query returns the cached object. This isn't making no sense to me, because the way I'm executing the query via the react-apollo graphql function. My question really is how does one read a cached value without having to call #client.query().


The key is time - moment of accessing data.

At the first render (when data not arrived yet) cache obviously doesn't contain this data.

Usually rendering not ready data is guarded with condition, f.e.

if(!this.props.data) return <Loading/>;

You should guard accessing cache in the same way, f.e.

const { data } = this.props;
const foo = data ? this.props.apolloClient.readQuery({query: postQuery, variables: {id: '5eb2db3b99cacd7be0e65541', startingDate: "2020-05-01"}}) : null;
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  • because you're using different startingDate variable (outside and inside) - data contains response for new Data() - monthlyQueryDate - you're trying to read "2020-05-01" - obviously not the same – xadm May 24 at 12:27

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