i have a function which returns an array of div's, each div has a click event associated with it, and the array is created by the for loop.

what i want to do is i have to click a div and open another component.

i have created an onCLick function on each div and inside that function i am setting the state for rendering of that component(which i want to open on click of a div).

what i am facing is if i click on a div all the component are opening.

what should i do to open only component for only that div which i clicked.

thanks, any help will be appreciated.

  • Can you post an example of your current code? – Corey Larson May 23 at 17:05
  • Please post your code – Friday Ameh May 23 at 17:14
  • hey guyes thankyou for your response but i kind of solved that issue, here is the link where i found the hint . link – vipin joshi May 24 at 9:21

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