The mvhd atom or box of the original Quicktime MOV format supports a poster time variable for a timecode to use as a poster frame that can be used in preview scenarios as a thumbnail image or cover picture. As far as I can tell, the ISOBMFF-based MP4 format (.m4v) has inherited this feature, but I cannot find a way to set it using FFmpeg or MP4box or similar cross-platform CLI software. Edit: Actually, neither ISOBMFF nor MP4 imports this feature from MOV. Is there any other way to achieve this, e.g. using something like HEIFʼs derived images with a thmb (see Amendment 2) role?

<code>mvhd</code> box layout

The original Apple Quicktime (Pro) editor did have a menu option for doing just that. (Apple Compressor and Photos could do it, too).

Quicktime menu

To be clear, I do not want to attach a separate image file, which could possibly be a screenshot grabbed from a movie still, as a separate track to the multimedia container. I know how to do that:

I also know that some people used to copy the designated poster frame from its original position to the very first frame, but many automatically generated previews use a later time index, e.g. from 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 10% or 50% into the video stream.

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    M4Vs are Apple's MP4 variant, not standard ISO. ISOBMFF mvhd does not have provision for poster frame. ffmpeg won't write it for MOV either. – Gyan May 24 at 15:48
  • I see that both ISO/IEC 14496-14 (MP4) and ISO/IEC14496-12 (ISOBMFF) are freely available standards and have now checked the PDFs myself. The mvhd box is described in ISOBMFF 8.2.2 and lacks some of QuickTime's original MOV properties indeed, including poster time. MP4 does not extend (nor even mention) this box. I guess @Gyan therefore answers my original question, because I phrased it in a too narrow way. – Crissov May 25 at 6:55

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