I have a need to run dependent tests (not unit, but long UI-scenarios with selenium). There are reasons related to the environment, because of which I have to prepare a "random" state, and use this state in other tests. To do this, I perform a series of actions, after which I get a link, save it to a static String variable in a method annotated as @Order (1). After that, in methods annotated by @Order (2 and more), the link stored in the static String variable is available

Usually the order is random, but if you follow the manual, then in one thread everything works great.

The number of tests is quite large, so it seemed logical to run them in parallel. It's no problem for 5.3 and newer version. I use "Configuration parameters to execute top-level classes in parallel but methods in same thread". For ordinary test classes it works like that. And now the problem. Just add the @Execution(ExecutionMode.CONCURRENT), how the order stops working. Because of this, instead of link in a static variable, I get null. Is it possible to fix it?

Thank you in advance

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  • Prose description of code is hard to understand. Consider to add a minimal code example that reveals the problem you are trying to solve. – johanneslink 23 hours ago

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