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my case: I added the user data below at EC2 first launch, and it worked perfectly.

#! /bin/bash
cd ~
echo "Test" > index.html
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

After launching the instance, in order to modify the user data I stopped the instance, changed the user data, and restarted the instance. But this time the scripts are not working.

#! /bin/bash
cd ~
echo "Test2" > index.html
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

I don't understand why the modified user data didn't work.

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To quote User data and shell scripts:

By default, user data scripts and cloud-init directives run only during the boot cycle when you first launch an instance. You can update your configuration to ensure that your user data scripts and cloud-init directives run every time you restart your instance. For more information, see How can I execute user data with every restart of my EC2 instance? in the AWS Knowledge Center.


By default user data is only run on first boot (except instances using instance store volumes)

If you want to remove one time use the below info:

As per the answer from: https://serverfault.com/questions/797482/how-to-make-ec2-user-data-script-run-again-on-startup

rm /var/lib/cloud/instances/*/sem/config_scripts_user


rm /var/lib/cloud/instance/sem/config_scripts_user


For Windows instances just add <persist>true</persist> in the user data.


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