Greeting. I am making a project in which I need to detect when player perform a punch without any object to collide with (basically punching air).

When trying to make this work I tried to use hand (controller) velocity as a reference. The general idea was to track last n frames of hand velocity and when it hits 0 - consider punch performed as hand has stopped, and the force of the punch would be calculated using the max velocity from last n tracked frames.

It seems I am running into an issue where the velocity returned from the hand is hitting 0 quite often even when the hand is steadily and continuously moving, thus it keeps capturing "fake punches".

I am working in Unity and using a rigidbody to get velocity of the hand. Does anyone know of any good solution to this or got a better method of detecting punches when there is no object to hit. Ideas and thoughts are appreciated.


I'll suggest use delta position instead of velocity, not sure you're making physic game(like QWOP) or character play punch animation. But if is character play punch animation, that will be no velocity at all(You'll only get falling velocity I guess), because movement was apply via animation operating Transform.position. Either way, delta position is always good way to get movement, just subtract position current frame with position last frame.

But if I just want to check my fist hit any object or not, I'll make a trigger at my hand, then just using OnTriggerEnter to check, be sure to mask out my own body and give timing of punch, so you'll get correct result.

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