I'm an SEO specialist and I want to create a solution that'll allow me to track backlinks on some websites. The assumption is to have the possibility to check if the exact specified link is found on some website, it can't be just a partial match. So I've found this code for google sheets -> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yb6_82LmNvpWrK4Jfv2jL_BE05MWhoeIMxq5FXXwBuQ/edit?usp=sharing:

(I assume) This part of the code is responsible for matching the backlink. I want a 100% match, not a partial patch.

function findTarget(html, target) {
  var reg = new RegExp(/(<[aA][\s]+[^>]*>)([\s\S]*?)<\/[aA]/g);
  var attributes,anchorText;
  do {
    attributes = {};
    data = reg.exec(html);
    if (!data || !data[1]) return null;
    if (data[1] == target) continue;
    if (data[1].toLowerCase().indexOf(target)==-1) continue;
    attributes = extractAttributes(data[1]);
    if (!attributes || !attributes.href) continue;
    if (attributes.href.substring(0,1)=="/") continue;
    if (data[2]) anchorText = data[2].replace(/<[^>]*>/g,'').replace(/\s+/g,' '); else anchorText="";
    if (attributes.href.toLowerCase().indexOf(target)!=-1) break;
  } while (data != null);
  if (!attributes || !attributes.href) return null;   
  var existed = true;
  var follow = true;
  if (attributes.rel && attributes.rel.toLowerCase().indexOf("nofollow")!=-1) follow=false;
  var link = attributes.href;
  return {"existed":existed, "link":link, "follow":follow, "text":anchorText};

It's working just fine, but my problem with this solution is if my URL is "https://www.example.com/", this checker finds URL's like e.g. "https://www.example.com/def/" (it's a partial match which I'm not interested in). It has to be exactly URL from the "A1" field In most cases it'll be the main page. Is it even doable?

Thanks for your help!

  • Can you please provide a minimal reproducible example, and a sanitised copy of your sheet? This is a lot of code to sift through – Rafa Guillermo May 25 '20 at 12:01
  • Hi, sure docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… As you can see in the following example, for the hubspot blog I can find an article within a domain, but I'm interested only in the main page. – ksiazekapota May 25 '20 at 12:26
  • It's still not clear what you want to do. Can you cut down your code and only post the relevant parts? – Rafa Guillermo May 25 '20 at 12:31
  • Done, hope that right now it's clear for you – ksiazekapota May 25 '20 at 20:15
  • Much clearer, thank you. Can I ask what exactly the regEx /(<[aA][\s]+[^>]*>)([\s\S]*?)<\/[aA]/g is extracting? – Rafa Guillermo May 26 '20 at 8:21

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