I have a golang backend with gin. Its supposed to work as a proxy for a ftp server that contains audiofiles. So my client should be able to call the endpoint /download/filepath the Golang application is then supposed to fetch the file from a ftp server and return it as a file(no stream).

My current solution is to read the file from the ftp as []byte and temporarily write it to disk with ioutil.TempFile() and return that file with ctx.File().

If possible I would like to skip the step where I'm creating a tempfile. Is that possible? Perhaps theres a way to proxy the call and directly connect the http call to the ftp call?

Note I don't control the client application so I can't change it.


Use Context.Data to write a []byte as the response.

You can also use Context.DataFromReader to copy directly from the FTP response to the HTTP response.

HTTP responses are a stream of bytes. There's no way to get around that.

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    I can't accept you answer because I don't have enough reputation. But it worked, thanks! – Markus May 26 at 11:08

You can write to the ResponseWriter as you are reading the file. It works just like using http.ResponseWriter.

import "io"


io.Copy(ctx.ResponseWriter, ftpReader)
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  • Which is essentially using some sort of stream. But that's just how it works I guess. – The Fool May 25 at 15:00

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