Whether in wso2is can do otp via whatsapp? if can do it, please let us know how to configure. thanks you


Currently there's no WhatsApp OTP authenticator as I recall. But, this shouldn't be an issue as it shares the same logic as SMS or EMAIL OTP authenticators.

  1. Generate a random code.
  2. Send notification (SMS, Email or Whatsapp)
  3. Prompt portal to enter the OTP.
  4. Validate OTP.

As this logic matches with that of SMS OTP authenticator, you can simply write a custom outbound authenticator extending/referring to identity-outbound-auth-sms-otp authenticator's source. Instead of triggering an SMS, you can change the logic to call the Whatsapp API to send a message.

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Twilio provides an API for WhatsApp [1]. You can use the generic WSO2 SMS OTP authenticator [2] and configure it to send messages to users via WhatsApp. The only difference in the configuration on the WSO2 IS side is the from and to parameters of the HTTP payload.


WhatsApp provides their own API [2] as well, but the set up it seems to be bit complex. If you set it up successfully, I believe you can integrate with the exciting WSO2 SMS OTP authenticator [2] for this as well.

  1. https://www.twilio.com/docs/whatsapp/api
  2. https://is.docs.wso2.com/en/5.10.0/learn/configuring-sms-otp/
  3. https://www.whatsapp.com/business/api
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  • Hi Sajith, I use a free provider that is nexmo.com. when I use SMSOTP with the following link https://rest.nexmo.com/sms/json?api_key=1234567&api_secret=asdf1234&from=NEXMO&to=621234567&text=hallo it works. For whatsapp is it like this? https://rest.nexmo.com/sms/json?api_key=1234567&api_secret=asdf1234&Body=hallo&To=whatsapp:6212345&From=whatsapp:+112233 is not working. any advice to fix problem? thanks a lot Sajith – Ihsan Jazuli May 28 at 15:30
  • @IhsanJazuli through Twilio supports it, we can expect Nexmo to support it in the same way. If you look at the Nexmo documents, their payload is way different from Twilio. It also it seems we need to have valid WhatsApp business account for that. developer.nexmo.com/messages/concepts/whatsapp – Sajith May 28 at 16:23

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