I am trying to update my existing application on google play store from Android Java with Flutter Dart. On my existing application, I have an in-app purchase that uses google pay which works perfectly (With android java coding) but I am looking for how to implement google pay in-app purchase with flutter dart.

  • yes, I did but didn't work. I tried github.com/baranyildirim/google_pay which work and launched Google Pay but G pay shows Unrecognised app. Guess I have to change await GooglePay.initializeGooglePay("pk_test_H5CJvRiPfCrRS44bZJLu46fM00UjQ0vtRN"); to mine but don't know how to get await \"pk_test_H5CJvRiPfCrRS44bZJLu46fM00UjQ0vtRN" – yodeveloper May 26 at 9:40
  • Native mobile apps that collect payments for digital goods on the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store are typically required to use the In-App Purchases API, which means services like Stripe and Paypal are out of the question (with the exception of payments for physically shipped goods). Try this official flutter plugin pub.dev/packages/in_app_purchase – Mr Random Jun 23 at 5:13

You should have no problem to use g pay with in-app. There is no need to write specific code for that. You just need to make sure you are setting up your merchant in the google billing platform. Check out this tutorial https://medium.com/flutter-community/in-app-purchases-with-flutter-a-comprehensive-step-by-step-tutorial-b96065d79a21

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