So I made a program that start a headless browser ( Chrome ) with Selenium in Python. I have a CyberGhost VPN.

When I try to start my script with the VPN active, Selenium open a chrome windows, with "data" in the url but doesn't proceed further. Otherwise, it works when I start the script with inactive VPN and turn the VPN on when selenium is running normally.

I don't understart what can be the problem ...

Thanks :)

  • Is the problem solved? – AzyCrw4282 May 27 '20 at 21:26

VPN is handled at the OS level, before Selenium gets anywhere near. You can try to setup a config with CyberGhostVPN and run an exec command to start your connection. After that, then start Webdriver and it should be running over VPN. See here on Calling an external command from Python

It may also be due to a firewall issue, so you can also try to deactivate the included firewall in CyberGhostVPN.

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