I added property in View:

[Reactive] public Point PositionLeftClick { get; set; } = new Point();

On mouse click I set property value. And try use it as parameter for command parameter

this.WhenActivated(disposable =>
var positionLeftClickObservable = this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.PositionLeftClick);
this.BindCommand(this.ViewModel, x => x.CommandAddNodeWithUndoRedo, x => x.ItemAddNode, 

But parameter value in command always 0,0

How I can fix it?


Generally, I wouldn't put a [Reactive] property in a View. Normally I would delegate that to some ViewModel and bind it to the View.

ReactiveUI is an MVVM framework, and it works better when you provide a ViewModel for binding state to the View.

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  • Thanks for your answer. Yes, my project is MVVM. I just try use Reactive in view too, because other way is doesn't work – GMIKE May 27 at 17:24
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    Rodney is correct. the [Reactive] fody won't work because that fody is designed to work with ReactiveObject derived classes. If you want to use it in a view you'll have to derive off INotifyPropertyChanged and make your property use the event. – Glenn Watson May 27 at 18:16

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