I generate controls for a TableLayoutPanel dynamically. I have a delete button in each row. When I click that, that row has to be removed.

    Dim removeBtn As New Button
    AddHandler removeBtn.Click, AddressOf DeleteRow
    tlp.Controls.Add(removeBtn, 5, rowCount)

I have not shown the code to add text boxes which are similar to above. I can get the row number of the clicked button. Using this, how to remove all controls from this row.

Private Sub DeleteRow(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
   Dim currentRow As Integer = CType(CType(sender, Button).Parent, TableLayoutPanel).GetRow(CType(sender, Button))
   'Using this currentRow, how to delete this Row
End Sub

Basically you have to:

  • Get the list of controls from that row and delete them from the TLP
  • Remove the corresponding row style from the TLP
  • Set the new row index for every control in every row after the deleted one
  • Decrement the RowCount

Here is the VB.NET code to do the same.

Public Sub RemoveRow(ByRef panel As TableLayoutPanel, ByRef rowIndex As Integer)

    Dim columnIndex As Integer
    For columnIndex = 0 To panel.ColumnCount - 1
        Dim Control As Control = panel.GetControlFromPosition(columnIndex, rowIndex)
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = rowIndex + 1 To panel.RowCount - 1
        columnIndex = 0
        For columnIndex = 0 To panel.ColumnCount - 1
            Dim control As Control = panel.GetControlFromPosition(columnIndex, i)
            panel.SetRow(control, i - 1)
    panel.RowCount -= 1
End Sub

Here is a C# extension method that will do this for you.

public static void RemoveRow(this TableLayoutPanel panel, int rowIndex)

    for (int columnIndex = 0; columnIndex < panel.ColumnCount; columnIndex++)
        var control = panel.GetControlFromPosition(columnIndex, rowIndex);

    for (int i = rowIndex + 1; i < panel.RowCount; i++)
        for (int columnIndex = 0; columnIndex < panel.ColumnCount; columnIndex++)
            var control = panel.GetControlFromPosition(columnIndex, i);
            panel.SetRow(control, i - 1);

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    @emaillenin: Thanks for the translation to VB.NET – Johann Blais Jun 2 '11 at 15:27
  • Why does ones have to remove the RowStyle? – sammarcow Feb 9 '12 at 16:08

In addition to Johann and emaillenin's answers you should change the following line

    panel.SetRow(control, i - 1);

To this

    if (control != null) panel.SetRow(control, i - 1);

Empty fields and also spanned controls will throw an error here if theres no check for null.


Why this much hardwork... Use tableLayoutpanel1.Controls.Clear()

This will clear the contents of table panel

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    Which is not what the OP was asking to do. – Andrew Barber Feb 12 '13 at 6:18

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