I am new to wso2 identity server. I tried the PassiveSTSSampleApp, it redirected me to the wso2 loging page, I used admin/admin and it worked fine, I got a response. I tried it again later but I couldn't login anymore. I get this message: "Login failed! Please recheck the username and password and try again." Did anyone face this issue before? Thanks for the help.

  • browser network trace and logs might help – Nipun Thathsara May 27 at 15:40
  • Thanks for the comment, but i used the tomcat logs and checked the response from the wso2 server and I can't understand why it was working then stopped. – Tea May 27 at 16:41
  • Can you try by login with admin@carbon.super: admin? – Piraveena Paralogarajah Jun 8 at 4:53

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