I am trying to create aws cognito user pool using aws cdk. below is my code -

user_pool = _cognito.UserPool(
        "username": False,
        "email": True
        "email": True

I want to set "Attributes" section in User pool for email . But above code gives me this exception -

Invalid AttributeDataType input, consider using the provided AttributeDataType enum. (Service: AWSCognitoIdentityProviderService; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterException; Request ID:

I have tried many scenarios but it didn't work. Am I missing something here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! I was referring this AWS doc to create userpool - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cdk/api/latest/python/aws_cdk.aws_cognito/UserPool.html and https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cdk/api/latest/python/aws_cdk.aws_cognito/RequiredAttributes.html#aws_cdk.aws_cognito.RequiredAttributes

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According to a comment on this GitHub issue this error is thrown when an attempt is made to modify required attributes for a UserPool. This leaves you two options:

  1. Update the code such that existing attributes are not modified.
  2. Remove the UserPool and create a new one. E.g. cdk destroy followed by cdk deploy will recreate your whole stack (this is probably not what you want if your stack is in production).


Found a way to get around it in production as well, where you don't need to recreate the user pool.

  • which part are you referring to?
    – kewur
    Mar 10, 2022 at 3:21

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