We found an error 'N/A' in column region after enable Geolocation Based Statistics enter image description here

I have done the steps as follows

  1. Download the geolocation data
  2. Create the database by executing one of the scripts in the Geolocation Data/dbscripts, I use the mysql database
  3. Populate the data to the BLOCKS and LOCATION tables in the database geo_location_data, from the following files Geolocation Data/data/BLOCKS.csv Geolocation Data/data/LOCATION.csv
  4. Download a JDBC provider for MySQL and Copy the mysql-connector-java.jar to /lib directory
  5. Configure the following in /conf/worker/deployment.yaml file as given below enter image description here
  6. Configure the following in /wso2/worker/deployment/siddhi-files/IS_ANALYTICS_AUTHENTICATION_COMMON.sidddhi file as given below enter image description here
  7. Restart WSO2 IS & WSO2 IS Analytics.

any advice? so that region column can show real location when user access the application


Apart from the above steps, you need to have the proper IPs in order to get it working. It derives the region based on the user IPs. Then you should be able to see the relevant stats as below,

enter image description here enter image description here

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  • Hi ashensw, the following link what needs to be fixed? is.docs.wso2.com/en/5.10.0/learn/… because there is no data in the ip_location table. I hope you can help to find a solution – Ihsan Jazuli May 28 at 7:50
  • Hi @IhsanJazuli, What I meant was if an actual person logs in from another country, actual IP will be sent with the authentication data stream to the IS analytics. But if you are trying it locally it won't work. As a workaround, you can try to use the is-analytics-client mentioned in the above documentation. It will generate some dummy data with actual IPs and publish to the IS analytics. So then you should be able to see the regions for those data. – ashensw May 28 at 8:09
  • Hi Ashensw nice info, if i dont configure "Enabling Geolocation Based Statistics" in the above documentation. whether wso2is analytics can show IP or Region user trying to access from outside country? – Ihsan Jazuli May 28 at 8:57
  • Then it will show only the IPs. But you have to enable the 'Geolocation Based Statistics' in order to populate the above map and also to see the region in the data table. – ashensw May 28 at 9:07
  • i see. i have location and blocks table in database geo_location_data from the above documentation. for example, i want to see IP from the table location and blocks, can you show me the sql query how to get the hongkong region based on ip because I'm confused with the values in the network_cidr, network, broadcast columns. thanks a lot Ashensw – Ihsan Jazuli May 28 at 9:39

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