Spark has a functionality that allows users to run SQL statements on a Spark dataframe. What about Dask? If it is not available now, is it something being considered?

  • Pandas has a method query did you try it for dask?
    – rpanai
    Jul 11, 2020 at 15:26

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There is also dask-sql (disclaimer: I am the author), which allows to run arbitrary SQL queries against dask dataframes (or data which can be loaded with dask, e.g. parquet).

For example, after installation with conda install dask-sql you are able to run

from dask_sql import Context

c = Context()

c.create_table("my_table", "/some/path/to/parquet")
c.sql("SELECT * FROM my_table").compute()

dask-sql is very similar to the already mentioned blazingSQL, but also runs without a GPU (cluster).


BlazingSQL provides a distributed SQL engine in Python that works with Parquet files. It is built on RAPIDS, so it requires NVIDIA GPUs.


Presto / AWS Athena may be an answer to your question.

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