So I have a task, that takes a path and opens the file.

private async Task OpenFileAsync(string strFilePath)

Until now this was a void function and everything was ok, but know we need to support big files and we wanted to do the open file using other thread, in order to not block the UI Thread.

I use reactiveui in my application and I have a method that listens to tasks and runs them as they come.

        _sessionContext.WhenAnyValue(t => t.NotifyNewTreadTask).Where(t => t != null).Subscribe(t => DoAsyncTask(t));


   private async void DoAsyncTask(Task task)
            if (task != null)
                await DoThreadAction(() => task);

            _sessionContext.NotifyNewTreadTask = null;

And DoThreadAction just runs the task

await Task.Run(async () => await action.Invoke());

Now my problem is on assigning NotifyNewTreadTask.

Whenever I do NotifyNewTreadTask = OpenFileAsync(path);

It just runs the OpenFileAsync task. How can pass OpenFileASync task to NotifyNewTreadTask without running it.

Task? NotifyNewTreadTask { get; set; } NotifyNewTreadTask is a property.
  • What was the type of NotifyNewTreadTask? How do you set it? – mm8 May 28 at 12:54
  • @mm8 added an edit with the information. NotifyNewTreadTask is a Task property. That is my question, how do I set it without running the task I set the property to. – CiucaS May 28 at 12:57
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    So you're using ReactiveUI but not really using reactive programming. @mm8 is right. There are a lot of implementation details that are making this harder for you because you are trying to get around just using Observables for their intended purpose. – Rodney Littles May 28 at 13:24
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    @CiucaS: Please remember to accept the answer if your original issue has been solved and then ask a new question if you have another issue. – mm8 May 29 at 13:40
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    @CiucaS Your calling tasks withing await Task.Run. Which would point to your new threading issue. When you are using excessive amounts of tasks like this, your using Tasks to model Asynchronous programming instead of using Observables. In an observable world, you could just tell your asynchronous task which threads to marshall back to. Which would solve your problem. I can't re-architect all your code here. The best I can do is point out that you're using Tasks when I would most likley use an Observable for this purpose. – Rodney Littles May 30 at 22:31

You should use a command to execute OpenFileAsync asynchronously instead of calling it in the Subscribe method:

 public class ViewModel
    public ViewModel()
        OpenFile = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromTask<string>(OpenFileAsync);

    public ReactiveCommand<string, Unit> OpenFile { get; }

    private async Task OpenFileAsync(string strFilePath)

Instead of setting some property, you could the execute then task directly and await it:

await OpenFile.Execute("file.txt");

You may of course also invoke it as a result of some property being set:

this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.SomeStringProperty).InvokeCommand(OpenFile);

Setting a Task property to a Task to cause another Task to get executed seems a bit clumsy though.

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  • I use a property to pass the task, as the place where the action is invoked ( DoThreadAction) and the task that it will invoke are not the same. In other words DoThreadAction is in ViewModel1 and Task is in ViewModel2. – CiucaS May 28 at 13:21
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    Maybe you want a Func<Task> instead of a Task then? Pass the func and invoke it when you want to execute the task? – mm8 May 28 at 13:23

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