I used sympref('MatrixWithSquareBrackets',true).But raise an error:

Expected input to match one of these values:

'FourierParameters', 'HeavisideAtOrigin', 'AbbreviateOutput', 'TypesetOutput'

The input, 'MatrixWithSquareBrackets', did not match any of the valid values.

Error in Untitled3 (line 7)

I want to use symbolic matrix square brackets in my answer.How can I do this?

  • That functionality is introduced in R2019a. You are using an older MATLAB version – Sardar Usama May 28 at 21:54
  • Thank you @Sardar Usama.Is there a way to do this in previous versions? – Sun May 29 at 12:40
  • Yes, why not! This is what programmers do. But this seems too broad to ask here – Sardar Usama May 29 at 14:54

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