I have installed WSO2 IS (5.10) and Analytics (5.8), on separate servers, following the WSO2 IS documentation. I am successfully getting authentication events received into Analytics and can view them (after many headaches with IS insisting on using ports and SSL that I never told it to use - another story).

Now I can log into the dashboard, (/portal, admin/admin), and I see the IS events. Where do I manage portal users, permissions, and authentication? I want to add additional viewers (via LDAP) but can't even find a place to change the admin password, never mind manage additional users.

Nor can I find any documentation on how to manager users in Analytics. Any help is appreciated.

  • Since Identity Server Analytics is also based on the WSO2 Stream Processor you can try out this. docs.wso2.com/display/SP440/User+Management – Shan Chathusanda Jayathilaka Jun 1 at 2:59
  • Thank you! Maybe I can't do LDAP but at least I can change passwords and add users via the deployment.yaml. Lots of other stuff there too that I was wondering how to configure like the worker passwords and the DB credentials. – John Ampe Jun 2 at 0:14

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