The site is live at http://www.ipworld.ca/ but it should look like this: from dev build viewed using chrome I tried increasing the z-order through css, but no luck. Notice the elements are loaded, but are not shown in the live version.

  • Setting a z-index on an element has no effect on the element unless it is a positioned element. Try adding position: relative to the component and it should work fine. – Rodentman87 May 31 at 4:43

I think the issue is with the transparency of the card. Just make these changes in css.

.services-card {
    max-width: 66%;
    opacity: 1; 
    margin: auto;
    background: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);

The opacity will affect the visibility of the all the contents in the div. In your case, you should change the background.


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  • Perfect, that worked like a charm. Never would have figured out I should have set opacity though bg instead. – Arnob Talukder Jun 1 at 3:22

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