I'm trying to implement realtime speech to text recognition with Google API service using Ionic as a frontend. I am not able to find a library that can record from Ionic and stream the recording in realtime to be stored in the google bucket storage. Do you have any suggestions?


I don't think you need to use any special library/plugin to do this, you can simply use Web Technologies to achieve this by using MediaDevices API to getUserMedia for getting Audio stream from device microphone and using Web Speech API for speech recognition, and use WebSocket to transmit real-time audio stream to Google Speech-to-Text API and receive real-time response back.

For further reading, check the following resources:

Delivering a Smooth Cross-Browser Speech to Text Experience

Speaking with a Webpage - Streaming speech transcripts

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  • Thanks Sherif. Is this method supported on a cross-platform mobile app development environment such as Ionic? Arabic is not one of the languages in this demo google.com/intl/en/chrome/demos/speech.html so does it support Arabic – Amr Ahmed Jun 8 at 8:27
  • Yes, It can be used in Ionic as Ionic apps are rendered in a Webview in mobile platforms, but make sure to check Safari Webview & Android Webview compatibility with browser APIs you're going to use to make sure it suits your target clients. You can find compatibility details in MDN or Caniuse. Regarding language support, Yes, Arabic is supported, you can test it yourself by editing page inline script and adding ['Arabic', ['ar']], to the langs array and rerun the whole script to reinitialize everything to see 'Arabic' option in menu – Sherif Abdulmawla Jun 10 at 10:56

Assuming that you want to use the React Native framework. You can checkout Media plugin from the Ionic framework that can be used to record the audio files. Here is an example(which is developed using angular, but you can understand the underlying concept). Also for using Firebase to stream in real-time, check out the firebase plugin.

There are Streaming media plugin, which can also be used in your case. For more reference, I would suggest using the official documentation and look into this blog post

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  • Hello thanks for your effort but I have tried all of these I couldn't find a way to upload the audio in a bucket while recording it, I think streaming media plugin only stream from not stream to. – Amr Ahmed Jun 4 at 16:37

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