I have custom command that generate several headers at once. All works fine with make/ninja files generated by cmake. But if I generate Xcode project via cmake -GXCode, then instead of once gen.sh was invoked 10 times and not only that, it also will be invoked every build, even if timestamps of generated file are younger then gen_in.txt.

How can I fix this?

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.17)

set(MANY_HEADERS test0.h test1.h  test2.h  test3.h  test4.h  test5.h  test6.h  test7.h  test8.h  test9.h)

  DEPENDS gen_in.txt

add_executable(foo main.cpp ${MANY_HEADERS})

where gen.sh is


echo "gen.sh: start"
sleep 1
echo "gen.sh: hard work done"
for i in `seq 0 9`; do
    cat gen_in.txt > test$i.h
    sed -i bak s/placeholder/$i/g test$i.h

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In OUTPUT option relative paths are treated as relative to the binary directory.

That is, your add_custom_command actually doesn't produce the files declared as OUTPUT.

This is why it is called more and more: the build tool finds out that an OUTPUT file does not exist, and runs the COMMAND for build that file. (Many build tool don't check whether the OUTPUT file is actually created.)

For files created in the source directory you need to specify their absolute path in OUTPUT option:

set(MANY_HEADERS test0.h test1.h  test2.h  test3.h  test4.h  test5.h  test6.h  test7.h  test8.h  test9.h)
# This will be a list of _absolute paths_ to the headers


  DEPENDS gen_in.txt

# In add_executable one could use relative paths too
add_executable(foo main.cpp ${MANY_HEADERS})

Note, that add_executable command may accept relative paths to the file both in source and binary trees.

CMake checks whether a file exists or generated (e.g. with add_custom_command) in the source tree, and if it is, the source path is used. Then similar checks are performed for binary tree. (And if this check fails, CMake will emit an error).

Actually, careful inspecting of the make output may give a hint, whether make rebuilds files in the source tree or in the build tree.

This is what is produced by the original code (remember: make is called from the build directory):

[ 33%] Generating test0.h, test1.h, test2.h, test3.h, test4.h, test5.h, test6.h, test7.h, test8.h, test9.h

And this is what is produced when use absolute paths to the source tree. (Out-of-source build, use build/ subdirectory for build.)

[ 33%] Generating ../test0.h, ../test1.h, ../test2.h, ../test3.h, ../test4.h, ../test5.h, ../test6.h, ../test7.h, ../test8.h, ../test9.h

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