In Vapor 3 I was able to get a newConnection to the database and call a raw sql query using this:

return request.withNewConnection(to: .mysql) { (con) -> EventLoopFuture<T> in  
    return con.raw(sql)...

Now that I'm migrating my code to Vapor 4 the function raw or withNewConnection is gone, what can I use to make a raw query.

Steps to reproduce

return request.withNewConnection(to: .mysql) { (con) -> EventLoopFuture<T> in  

Error: Cannot infer contextual base in reference to member 'mysql' Value of type 'Request' has no member 'withNewConnection'

Expected behavior

Have a function inside request.db that let me get a new connection or run a raw query.


  • Vapor Framework version: 4.7.1
  • Vapor Toolbox version: vapor-beta
  • OS version: macOS Catalina

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Try this:

    import SQLKit
    struct Row:Content
        // fields go here
    struct Context:Decodable
        let rows:[Row]
    func rawDemo(_ request:Request) throws -> EventLoopFuture<View>
        return (request.db as! SQLDatabase).raw("SELECT * FROM MyTable").all(decoding:Row.self).flatMap
            results in
            let context = Context(rows:results)
            return request.view.render("rawDemo", context)

You must import the SQLKit module and cast request.db to SQLDatabase as shown in order to execute raw queries. Once you've done that, it becomes much like the Vapor 3 method. However, with the new functionality available in Vapor 4, I have now managed to get rid of all my raw queries and replace with sleek Fluent ones!

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    Thanks this works Fine! and I also love the new Vapor 4 fluent, I just needed this for a truly especific query involving casting. Jun 2, 2020 at 16:44
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    It fitted like gloves.
    – dede.exe
    Sep 1, 2020 at 1:13

Error: Cannot infer contextual base in reference to member 'mysql' Value of type 'Request' has no member 'withNewConnection'

With Fluent 4 database identifier .mysql is not generic anymore unfortunately. So you have to cast it like this request.db as! SQLDatabase all the time to get methods like raw(...) to execute your raw query. Also connections are deep inside under the hood now.

I'd suggest to take a look at SwifQL + Bridges with Vapor 4

import Vapor
import MySQLBridge

struct MyResult: Codable {
    let column1: String
    let column2: Int
func someHandler(_ req: Request) throws -> EventLoopFuture<[MyResult]> {
    req.mysql.connection(to: .myDatabase) { conn in
            .select(\SomeTable.$column1, \SomeTable.$column2)
            .execute(on: conn)
            .all(decoding: MyResult.self)

SwifQL is a DSL that gives you an ability to build any raw query safely, and Bridges is a helper for database drivers like mysql-nio and postgres-nio so it gives just convenience methods for them.

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