Suppose you're searching for a pretrained model for e.g. human gender recognition, or age estimation (Transfer Learning). So, you'd want a net that is trained on, ideally, human faces and not on stuff like the ImageNet dataset.

I know that there are two big starting points for the search:

  • Keras applications
  • TensorHub

Now, the best I've found is to use the search tool of the TensorHub website, like here.

That gives me some models trained on the CelebA-HQ dataset, which is something I was searching for.

But, it didn't give any results for e.g. the keywords "sport", "food" or "gun".

So, what is a good way to find pretrained models for a desired "topic"?


It's hard to find a model for each topic at a single place.

The general strategy could be searching in GitHub with the relevant tags ["tensorflow", "sport"].

You can generally find many models on model-zoo websites: https://modelzoo.co/

This is also useful: https://github.com/tensorflow/models

If you need code (probably with pre-trained weights): paperswithcode.com is a good place to search.

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