I'm planning to build Web application and use the SignalR library to allow web admin to chat with other users (use Mobile application)
1- System admin uses Web Application built by Asp.net Boilerplate (.NET Core 3.1).

2- other users use Mobile Application built by (QT Mobile application )

So, Is this scenario applicable with the SignalR library, or I will encounter some limitations especially with QT Mobile application?


Why I want this approach?

Because I'm using Esri QML SDK (in Mobile App)


I am not familiar with QT Mobile Application development, however I looked for it and understood that the language of development is C++.

Based on this, here is a client lib for SignalR in C++. You can use this lib to connect to c++ Click Here

Also, I wish to bring attention to an official documentation from Microsoft that states that C++ & Swift are unofficially supported framework. Link

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  • Could you please check my update? – 3202User Jun 25 at 6:55
  • Based on your update, I suggest you to give the mentioned c++ sdk a try, if that doesn't work for you then its going to be a very difficult situation. Do come back with additional problems which you face. – Shivendra Jun 29 at 9:05

I have not used SignalR before. However, Qt provides its own websocket QML client component as well as a server one, they have a client example here and a server example here should you want to see how the client component interacts.

I have used the QML websocket with a NodeJs websocket server and it presented no problems at all.

Creating a simple working environment should be no problem, Qt provides its own simulator with their IDE, just copy the client example, change the link to point to your server and give it a shot.

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