I am currently developing a backend with ABP (AspNetBoilerplate) AspNetCore 3.6.2 and Entity framework

I want to know if it is possible to prevent the modification of the LastModifierUserTime and LastModifierUserId of an AbpUser for a specific method. I guess these properties are modified by ABP Auditing because the method LoginAsync() modifies the User entity. I am just trying to know how to disable the Audit in a scope or for a method.

private async Task<AbpLoginResult<Tenant, User>> GetLoginResultAsync(string usernameOrEmailAddress, string password, string tenancyName)
    // Some code here
    if (tenant != null)
        // TODO: Cancel auditing for this method
        loginResult = await _logInManager.LoginAsync(usernameOrEmailAddress, password, tenant.TenancyName);
    // Some code here

Everytime I try to log in by calling this method in my service, the user entity is modified:

  1. the LastModifierUserId is set to null
  2. the LastModifierUserTime is set to now

I tried to put the [DisableAuditing] attribute on the GetLoginResultAsync method but it didn't do anything

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