I am looking for a 3rd party solution to integrate a QR code reader in Windows Mobile Applications (.NET Compact Framework). The component should integrate Reader (camera) and Decoder (algorithm).

I tried out the QuickMark reader, which can be called outside the application and communicates using Windows Messages. It works quiet well, but doesn't give me every option I need (e.g. it has to be installed etc.).

Are there other good solutions which I may have missed? Anything Open Source? Tested on different devices?


Here is an open source C# port of the Java QR Code library.


Did you try this one: QRCode .NET Compact Framework Package ?

  • What I need is a QR code Reader. On first look this library can only generate codes on mobile devices. What I'm looking for should read codes using the camera and return a string to my app.
    – splattne
    Sep 15 '08 at 11:32

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